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Larkin is the daughter of Michael & Michaele.


 When Larkin was just 8 years old, she had a dream she and her family were giving Bibles to prisoners. Larkin believes with all of her heart her dream was given to her by God just like Joseph’s dream. Now at 9 years old, Larkin is making it her mission to raise money to purchase Bibles to give to prisoners because she feels that is God’s mission for her life. 


Larkin doesn’t know a prisoner personally which makes this dream even more special because she will help people she doesn’t even know and most likely will never meet. Although she can’t enter a prison until she is at least 18 years old, she believes the Bible is life changing.

On 11/16/19, a former prisoner’s wife and the rest of the Executive Board of Directors of Red Clay Ministries, Inc. voted to make LaLa’s Big Bible Dream an affiliate of their nonprofit organization. This was huge for LaLa’s Big Bible Dream. It showed Larkin people believe in her and in her dream.


They have encouraged her to keep following the Holy Spirit and God’s calling on her life. In addition, they are a huge help in getting Chaplains across the state involved in helping distribute the Bibles. Now that LaLa’s Big Bible Dream is an affiliate of Red Clay Ministries all donations are tax deductible too.

Larkin speaks out

Larkin has spoken at churches to help raise money to purchase Bibles. So, far she has raised enough money to purchase 20 cases of Bibles (640). These Bibles are being set up to be distributed in Harris and Taylor county. The first goal is to cover the local area but eventually distributing Bibles throughout the whole state of GA and moving on into South Carolina where one of her uncles live. She plans on moving from state to state as God leads.

Personalized with Gods love


Larkin wrote a letter to the prisoners in her own words that were printed on labels. The label is placed in every Bible. This way, Larkin can express a little of her heart in her own writing. 


One case of Bibles is $57.00. There are 32 paperback, NIV outreach Bibles that are within the prison guidelines per case. Of course buying Bibles are not the only way to help this mission. We love to partner with others that believe in God's initiative to reach prisoners through Larkin's dream in so many ways.

Where she finds confidence

She knows God is going to bless this ministry because she knows this dream is a mission God wants to carry out.

“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you or forsake you” (Deuteronomy 31:6).

So, that is exactly what this little 9-year-old girl from Small Town, GA is doing, sharing the saving love and grace of Jesus Christ by helping to raise money to purchase Bibles for people who may not otherwise hear or have access to the word of God. 

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